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Office 2019

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Download Microsoft Office 2019 and benefit from the new deal that includes the latest features

Office 2019 is the latest version released by Microsoft and is known as the most famous Office software package among the other suites. This new version comes with valuable new features encorperated into the recognizable interface. Compared with classic Office, Word 2019's non-interference mode, Excel 2019's enhanced functions, and enhanced support for PowerPoint 2019 graphics as well as the visual pencils are just some of these features. Even if we shouldn't consider these upgrades as large system enhancements, they are so beneficial to the right users. As its previous models, Microsoft Office 2019 includes Word 2019, Excel 2019, PowerPoint 2019, Outlook 2019, Access 2019, Publisher 2019 and OneNote 2019.

Major new changes in Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft has been working hard to make its programs stylish and pleasant, and to provide everyone with important adaptive features. Below, are the latest updates of Office 2019:

  • Scalable Vector Graphics for Word 2019, Excel 2019, PowerPoint 2019
  • Translate words and sentences with Microsoft Translator In Word 2019, Excel 2019, PowerPoint 2019
  • Create Math Equations with LaTeX equation in Word 2019
  • Create smoother animations and movements with Morph in PowerPoint 2019
  • Use the new navigation feature called Zoom for PowerPoint 2019
  • Use Surface Pen to navigate slides in PowerPoint 2019
  • Exciting new functions in Excel 2019
  • Excit new functions in Excel 2019
  • Try more powerful Inking functionality for all of Office 2019 programs

We will introduce more details about each change of Microsoft Office 2019 below

Office 2019

Microsoft Translator Built-in Support

Microsoft Translator Built-in Support

PowerPoint 2019, Word 2019 and Excel 2019 include Microsoft Translator, a new feature dedicated to breaking the language barrier. To use this option, you should open the "Preview" tab in the text and click on the new "Translate" and "Language" buttons. From there, you will be able to translate anything immediately.

Scalable Vector Graphics

Scalable Vector Graphics

The use of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is very interesting. Now, whether in Excel 2019, Word 2019, PowerPoint 2019 documents, you can emplement it. You will be able to rotate, move, decorate and even adjust the size of this style without reducing the image quality. In addition, you can find various icons in the "Input" tab.

LaTeX Equations in Word 2019

LaTeX Equations in Word 2019

For some people, mathematics has never been easier. Microsoft Office 2019 its surprises its users with a new feature dedicated to those who love mathematics or face math problems. This function is called LaTeX equations, and it allows you to type math and solve equations. Under the "Form" tab, you can find the alternative LaTeX or click the "Alt" + "=" button on the keyboard.

Morph in PowerPoint 2019

Morph in PowerPoint 2019

Morph is PowerPoint 2019’s new transformation. With Morph, you will be able to seamlessly add motion to your presentation from one slide to another, and it enables you to insert animation within a few seconds. PowerPoint 2019 is your presentation wizard.

New PowerPoint 2019 Zoom Navigation

New PowerPoint 2019 Zoom Navigation

Microsoft Office 2019 redefines a new dynamic navigation tool in PowerPoint to display slides easily and comfortably. "Zoom" has all the functions of a classic webinar, and adds stunning image and video interactive tools. It also allows you to get images on separate pages of all slides. Then, you should press on each slide independently, and a short animation of the transition will take you through the slides.

Surface Pen Slide Navigation for PowerPoint 2019

Surface Pen Slide Navigation for PowerPoint 2019

Office 2019 introduces many improvements in PowerPoint, such as Surface Pen, to make designing presentations easier. With this pen, you can start PowerPoint 2019 from the Start menu, desktop or taskbar to open the presentation, click the "Slide Show" button, and it also provides many other uses. In addition, you can move wirelessly between slides that are 30 feet apart.

Exciting new functions in Excel 201

Exciting new functions in Excel 2019

Excel 2019 has 6 new functions, such as CONCAT, IFS, MAXIFS, MINIFS, Transfer and TEXTJOIN. CONCAT is similar to CONCATENATE, but now it supports spectrum comparisons, not just individual cell comparisons. The MAXIFS function returns the largest value that satisfies one or more conditions within a range of values, and even limits the returned results to numbers that only fit those conditions. The MINIFS operates in a similar way, so a smaller amount will be returned. While, SWITCH function compares one value against a list of values, and returns a corresponding to the first match result. When no match is found, an optional default value can be set. Lastly, TEXTJOIN is a special feature that can merge text from different ranges, for example, you can select whether each text is divided by a comma, a full stop, or some other delimiter.

More powerful Inking functionality

More powerful Inking functionality

Microsoft Office 2019 presents a function, it the Inking feature suitable for a touch-enabled computer. Under Ink Tools > Pens, you can choose parameters including color of the ink and width of the brush. Indeed, Office 2019 has made great improvements to digital ink, so you can use your fingers to print ink on the touch screen, or use a pen to tap words in Word to erase them. Many touch screen PCs and tablets use digital pens because the more precise capacitive stylus allows you to write and draw on any touch screen, and you can also put your hand on the screen instead of using it for touch input. Over the years, OneNote has had excellent ink support, which can convert handwritten content into text, perform mathematical calculations for ink writing, and organize drawn shapes. All you can do is draw ink and shapes, highlight text and select or erase ink. With the new inking function, you can do all the work.

What are the new features of Word 2019

What are the new features of Word 2019 ?

Microsoft represents a new Office 2019 that emphasizes more enhancements of Word 2019. The released product has improved the functionality of the program, but it is still similar to the original layout. As usual, with Word 2019 you can always create, write and publish documents. You can also collaborate with colleagues on the same paper at the same time to save time and improve your work. You can see who edited the item, and you can even comment as you proceed. The software automatically changes itself, and you can edit files quickly and seamlessly. Now, with the help of Microsoft's new feature "Microsoft Translator", you can translate any word and sentence, which will break the language barrier without using any extended applications. If it is straining to read lengthy essays or other boring texts, adjust the width and color of the screen spacing to allow your eyes a rest. Feeling tired? The software will interpret the text to make it easier for you to study those late-night courses. Don't forget that Latex and 3D images make this software an effective learning source for all people. Both of these softwares can transform this application into a powerful learning function. Some people may think these functions are too complicated, but Word 2019 is still a clear forum to meet all the writing needs of a specific document. Therefore, we should not underestimate Word 2019 and benefit from its new enhancements.

What you still don’t know about Excel 2019 ?

Excel 2019 is one of the most popular spreadsheet software in the Microsoft Office suite, and a comprehensive set of new technologies in all Office 2019 programs. The software is dedicated to data analysis and documentation as it contains several rows and columns, where each intersection of a column and a row is called a "cell". Each cell encompasses a piece of information or a data point, and many of these improvements are within additional features such as Power Pivot and Get & Transform, however, there are many other features that can also satisfy ordinary users, such as new features and chart types. The latest enhancements introduced in Excel 2019 are designed to solve some of the most common problems that users often face.

What you still don’t know about Excel 2019?
The powerful presentation program PowerPoint 2019

The powerful presentation program PowerPoint 2019

Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 is beyond any doubt a powerful presentation software developed by Microsoft. The program uses slides to transmit rich multimedia information, and is used to create complex business presentations, simple syllabus, etc. PowerPoint 2019 helps users arrange maps, graphics, facts as well as data, and helps presenters deliver detailed information to the audience in the simplest and most attractive way. PowerPoint was originally designed for managers, experts, technical employees, and sales staff, but now it is dedicated to everyone. Although the core method of arranging meetings is still in use, some features have changed over the years. More than 500 million PowerPoint users using this program generate more than 300 million presentations every day. Become one of them and get your own version of PowerPoint 2019.

Write your digital diary with OneNote 2019

Microsoft OneNote 2019 is a digital note-taking software for free-form information collection and multi-user collaboration. It collects user notes, drawings, screens, sketches, newspaper clippings, enables you to use unlimited catalogs, pages and parts to track tasks or notes. OneNote 2019 will simplify your workflow and improve your daily productivity. OneNote can be integrated with other Microsoft applications, including Word 2019, PowerPoint 2019 and Excel 2019. Follow the latest trends and use the best note-taking software OneNote 2019.

How to work professionally with Outlook 2019

How to work professionally with Outlook 2019 ?

Outlook 2019 has become one of the most famous email applications for companies and many home and leisure users. Microsoft has absorbed user feedback and provided some new features that make Outlook easier to use and operate to meet the needs of its users. Outlook 2019 provides different functions depending on the type of account you have, for example, if you use a Microsoft Exchange email account for work, you can access Publisher 2019 applications that most people have never used, such as booking a meeting room or other meeting places, and arrange to collect and generate instant out-of-office email responses. People with IMAP email addresses don't have such arrangement, while those with POP email addresses can choose to delegate messages and calendar events (such as status flags and color groups).

How to Publish special content with Publisher 2019 ?

Publisher 2019 is a desktop publishing software released by Microsoft. The difference between Publisher 2019 and Microsoft Word is that it focuses on page layout and design rather than text writing and proofreading. Publisher 2019 allows you to create technical magazines, such as newsletters, blogs, brochures, catalogs, posters, signs, postcards, invitations, Greetings and business cards, letterheads, envelopes, company forms, logos, calendars, certificates and menus, as it is a digital publishing software.

How to Publish special content with Publisher 2019
What does Access 2019 do

What does Access 2019 do ?

Storing, citing and analyzing report information is the goal of Access 2019. With Microsoft Access 2019, you can analyze large amounts of data faster and more efficiently than Excel or other types of spreadsheets. If you are considering a flexible, easy-to-use, and effective database application to run your business, you need Microsoft Access. Don't waste time and explore its basic functions and how they can help you improve your business.