How to Download, Install and Activate Project 2021

Léna Martinez
  • Introduction :

    Project 2021 is a project management software developed by Microsoft. It enables users to plan and manage projects of varying complexities, from small tasks to large-scale projects.

    With Microsoft Project 2021, users can easily create project plans, assign resources, and track progress in real-time. It includes tools for creating Gantt charts, timelines, and other visual representations of project data, making it easier to communicate project plans and progress to stakeholders.

    Project 2021 also has resource management features, such as the ability to track resource availability, assign resources to specific tasks, and view resource usage across projects. This assists in ensuring that resources are used efficiently and effectively.

    Many advanced features, such as custom fields and formulas, the ability to create custom reports and dashboards, and integration with other Microsoft products such as Excel and SharePoint. It also has security features like user-level permissions and password protection to ensure that only authorized personnel can access project data.

    Overall, Project 2021 is an effective tool for project planning, management, and tracking. It is ideal for individuals and organizations that must manage complex projects and resources, as well as those who must communicate project plans and progress to stakeholders. Project 2021 is a dependable solution for all of your project management needs, thanks to its user-friendly interface and advanced features.

    We'll show you how to download, install and activate Project 2021 in this tutorial.

    1. Requirements

    2. Steps to follow

      • Download Project 2021

        1. After receiving your order, click the download link to download your Microsoft Project 2021.

          Wait for the download, it may take a few minutes.

          Project 2021

        2. Once downloaded, head to your download folder to mount and install the Project 2021.

          Project 2021

        3. To open the ISO file, you can follow one of those 2 methods:

          • Method 1 :

            Right-click the downloaded file then click “Mount”

            Project 2021

          • Method 2 :

            You can also right click the downloaded file, click on “Open with” then click on “Windows Explorer”

            Project 2021

      • Install Project 2021

          After downloading and mounting the Project 2021 file. Open the installation folder to start the installation of Project 2021.

          Please follow those steps to install Project 2021:

        1. Double click on Setup to start the installation.

          Install Project 2021

          Install Project 2021

        2. Let's wait for the installation process to complete.

          Install Project 2021

        3. Click Close when you finish the installation.

          Install Project 2021

      • Activate Project 2021

        1. To activate Project 2021, we need first to open Project.

          Activate Project 2021

        2. Enter your license key then confirm to activate your Project 2021.

          Activate Project 2021

        3. Done! Your Project 2021 is activated. You can now organize and manage your work, create realistic schedules, and optimize your use of resources.

          Activate Project 2021

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